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Homework Maker is free software which can solve all your homework
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Naor Ben Meir

Mathematics is a difficult but interesting topic among all subjects. Some children get scared of mathematics because they aren’t able to solve problems easily. Math Homework Maker is free software which can solve all your homework. With this software you can easily solve the problems based on speed, distance and time. It converts improper fraction into simple fraction and simple fraction into improper fraction. It is helpful in solving percentage problems. Areas and perimeters of quadrilaterals including square, trapezium, rectangle and parallelogram can be solved easily. You can also solve quadratic equations, arithmetic and geometric progressions, laws of sines and cosines. It is helpful in solving problems of statistics, like the problems of mean and standard deviation. The software also includes basic calculator to solve simple problems. Math Homework Maker software has friendly user interface. It solves all homework problems. Math Homework Maker is also very useful for parents to solve problems as well as for checking their kid’s homework. Every student from elementary school level to college level should have this software.

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  • It is very useful in completing homework
  • Covers most of the topics from elementary school level to college level studies
  • Useful for parents also to check their kid's homework
  • It has a very friendly user interface


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